Ensure the integrity of your backup and disaster recovery plan by test booting your servers

Whether you’re using Shadow Protect or VEEAM, we can boot your servers up and test them. Your test can be anything from a simple login test to a full system networking and application test.

This service is particularly valuable to MSPs as it enables your technicians to test all the customer’s servers from their desk without having to drive out and pick up hard disk drives.

Most professional organisations require that their members have a disaster recovery plan and that they regularly test that plan.

For example the Royal College of GPs has the following standard:

4.2.2 Information Security:
  • servers are backed up and checked at frequent intervals, consistent with a documented business continuity plan
  • back up information is stored in a secure off site environment

Reference - http://www.racgp.org.au/your-practice/standards/standards4thedition/practice-management/4-2/information-security/

OnTheNet can help ensure that your organisation or your customers are fulfilling their professional standards for IT systems.

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