Need to backup your NAS?

OnTheNet supports the inbuilt Rsync feature of most popular NAS equipment, allowing you to backup your files directly from the NAS.
  • Automated offsite system backups over low bandwidth connections such as ADSL
  • no software license fees
  • recover files over the internet from anywhere
  • recover files that have been deleted or original versions that have since been altered
  • Clear and easy to understand reporting and management tools
  • Recover large amounts of data via hard disk drive
  • Australian based offsite backups, based support and expertise
  • no onsite repository required
  • No lock in contracts and transparent pricing
Offsite NAS Backup

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Offsite NAS Backup


Quickly and easily configure NAS Backup using our easy to follow guide. If you get stuck, simply give us a call.
Offsite NAS Backup


Seed your backup image. If it's too big to transfer we'll arrange a courier.
Offsite NAS Backup


Your NAS is now automatically backed up off-site. You can relax knowing that we're monitoring, so you don't have to!

Why use OnTheNet?

We charge only for the storage on a month to month basis and you can increase and decrease your storage as you wish. We don’t charge per account only for the total amount of storage your clients are using. There are no lock in contracts. If you lose a customer, you’re not locked into paying for extra storage you no longer need. There are also no software license fees.

We're an Australian based company and our data centre and all our support staff are based in Australia. All our storage is redundant (we keep secondary backups of the primary backups) and stored in a Tier 3 data centre, with redundant power supplies, UPS backup etc. Being local, if you have large amounts of data, we are able to seed our data centre with external HDDs or if you need to restore a large amount of data we can send you a HDD with your data by the next business day.

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